Weight Management

At Thrive Wellness in Brentwood, our mission is to help each individual client with their specific needs from mental health issues and treatments, physical health, BHRT, complex laboratory testing and comprehensive weight management program.

This program is a comprehensive approach with evidence-based guidelines, comprehensive does not mean complex.


What it Treats: Anyone looking to optimize their goals — eating healthier or weight loss and weight management.

Procedure Time: Varies

Eligibility: Female or Male

Why try Weight Management in Brentwood?

01. Debunking Myths. Our service truly is about breaking down the myths of nutrition so it can be applied to each individual client. At TWG we can help you achieve these customizable goals, but more importantly “THRIVE” and live your best life.

02. No buying pre-packaged food. You should not feel hungry and or starving, you will not plateau. These are all things we make simple and address as the issues arise.

03. A Program based on success. Our program is not based on failure, but on our client’s success. A calorie is not just a calorie. What your body does to the different macro nutrients, is where the problem lies and the confusion.

What to Expect?

Consultation. At Thrive Wellness, we can help you achieve these customizable goals, but more importantly “THRIVE” and live your best life. This program is made simple so you can apply it to your everyday life. Science won’t fail you on this journey and neither will our team, led by Melissa Knecht, FNP-C, APRN. She has been treating hundreds of clients over the past twelve years.

Weight Management Journey. Past and present clients have reached their goals and been taken off more medications then when they walked thru the doors by this approach in weight management and body optimization. Melissa has also been a former head of the Advanced Practice Committee thru the OMA (Obesity Medicine Association) and a member where this education and guidelines were founded and have been recognized for over 70 years.

Identify plan for treatment. Excessive sugar intake is the number one reason for the obesity epidemic in our country today and now even becoming a global epidemic. Educating client’s how to identify what a carbohydrate is (AKA sugar) and the multiple forms of sugar hidden in our diets today. This in turn will help our clients optimize and thrive in their everyday lives.

Our specialty trained providers believe that “real food” is the best medicine for our bodies.

This is not a “diet” it is an educational experience, which works by applying real-life nutritional guidelines to help you achieve your individual goals.

It is not complicated.

By helping to teach clients how to integrate simple nutritional guidelines so they can utilize them in their everyday life no matter where you are or where your journey leads, it is not complicated but it may require laboratory testing and a complex history and physical along with the supplements and/or medications, if needed to help you achieve your goals. “Optimize with Thrive” Wellness Groups today.