Slim Down

Thrive’s “Slim Down” is the perfect healthy adjunctive treatment to help you reach your weight loss goals. Get balanced with our foundational infusion that supports a healthy body. This infusion will not only assist in providing energy to the muscles from the body’s fat reserves, but will also increase the rate at which fat is metabolized.

Maximize your workout by supporting muscle contractility, endurance, and performance with this secret potion that also helps to suppress the appetite. Our team offers several Slim Down in multiple forms … whether a home-based program, through an IV or a quick booster shot; schedule a consultation with one of our providers so we can recommend the best program to fit your lifestyle.

Possible benefits

  • Helps Burn Fat
  • Restores Energy
  • Boosts your Metabolism
  • Improves Performance

When to infuse?

This infusion is for anyone wanting to shed a few pounds. This IV can be done weekly; we recommend once a week for four weeks along with a healthy diet and exercise plan to ensure best results.
The Slim Down Shot is a quick and inexpensive, smaller dose, of the Slim Down formula.