Restore and Perform

This specialized dose of amino acids, electrolytes, and multi-vitamins supports the rebuilding, maintenance, and hydration of your muscles, enhancing endurance and recovery. We formulated an IV that provides more benefits than any workout or energy drinks, shakes and pills, and the unwanted side effects of harmful additives from them. Flush out lactic acid and restore your body with one liter of hydration.

This cocktail is perfect for professional and amateur athletes, as well as part of a pre-endurance boost or post-event recovery plan. Are you dealing with an injury? Let us know and we can add in our recovery blend to help shorten the time of your recovery after an injury or surgery.

Possible benefits

  • Decreases recovery time
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Replenishes Essential Nutrients
  • Reduces Inflammation

When to infuse?

  • Replenish your vitamin and electrolyte stores by rehydrating after an illness, surgery, long trip, or just a long week.
  • Restore and Recovery as often as once weekly, as it is a safe recipe for general health and recovery.
  • If you have a big sporting event coming up, prepare for it and recover for it with this great IV. (If you’ve found yourself enjoying someone’s event a bit too much, jump over to our Party Recovery IV!)