Peptide Weight Management Program

What is a GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) Agonist

It is a natural hormone in the body that acts on your brain to regulate appetite and food intake. Currently, there is a similar pharmaceutical medication on the market, being targeted for weight management.  However, it is difficult for clients to obtain this medication due to the high out-of-pocket cost. This GLP-1 peptide is a safe, effective and a more affordable option for our clients. It helps to reduce weight and prevent other health conditions such as but not limited to type II diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ask about our membership and other programs available at TWG, these programs are tailored for each individual client and their in-depth assessment with a comprehensive health assessment and extensive laboratory testing, once reviewed with the client by one of our experience Functional Medicine providers. We can help you live your best life and “Optimize your life with Thrive”.