Depression Treatment

“Depression is the flaw in love. To be creatures who love, we must be creatures who can despair at what we lose, and depression is the mechanism of that despair.

– Andrew Solomon, from The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

Sadness is a natural and necessary reaction to change, and loss-it is an indication of who and what matters to us most.  But depression is so much more than just “the blues”.  It’s a serious health condition that can deprive us of the ability to connect with the people and things that make life worth living.

Depression is a very personal, complex condition and there are as many “types” of depression as there are people who suffer from it.  For some, it may visit once in a lifetime and never return.  For others, it can be a persistent, life-long struggle that can rob us of even the simplest of life’s pleasures.

Signs that you or a loved one may be suffering from depression may include:

  • Feelings of sadness and low mood that persist for a period of two weeks or more. Impairing your ability to function day-to-day
  • Anhedonia- the decrease or absence of interest or pleasure from activities you once enjoyed
  • Significant and unintended weight loss or gain, and/or significant decrease or increase in appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns-sleeping too little or too much
  • Feeling easily agitated, annoyed, or angry
  • Persistent fatigue and loss of motivation and energy
  • Changes in your ability to think, concentrate, or make decisions
  • Thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and shame
  • Hopelessness-feeling like you will never feel normal again
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide: Feeling that you would be better off dead, or that you are a burden to the people that care about you

Despite what depression may be telling you, there is hope. Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is a novel and evidence-based treatment effective for all types of depression that can quickly relieve these symptoms. Even if traditional therapies and medications have failed in the past.

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