Types of IV Therapy

Types of IV Therapy


What was once a wellness fad has now become a must wellness regimen for many. IV therapies or infusions have gained immense popularity over the years and have been widely adopted by people from all walks of life. There are several different types of IV therapy depending on the purpose and the major component of the infusion. One such type is IV vitamin infusion.

The burning question, however, is, what is IV vitamin infusion or therapy?


What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

IV vitamin therapy involves a direct infusion of vitamins, minerals and a blend of various nutrients into the bloodstream. Since it gains access to the blood directly, it bypasses the liver metabolism and is better absorbed as compared to the ones taken orally. Apart from offering the convenience of adjusting the dosage as required, it also keeps one hydrated by replenishing the electrolyte stores.

Fatigue, dehydration, sluggish metabolism, stress, hangovers and chronic migraines are few issues to name that the therapy promises to address apart from offering countless other health benefits.

If you’re planning to go for an IV vitamin therapy, make sure you do your research and choose a reputable place with professionals and staff trained to provide and monitor infusions. This is the single most important factor determining the success of the therapy.


Types of IV Therapy at Thrive Wellness Groups


At Thrive wellness groups, you can choose from a variety of cocktails of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients that aim at improving the overall mental and physical well-being and quality of life.

Made of premium-quality compounds, the medically prescribed infusions are administered by a team of professionals fully committed to produce results that live up to your expectations. At Thrive wellness groups we offer different types of IV therapy and kits that are customized to suit unique individual needs and to address certain health issues in specific. Different types of IV fluids include;

  • Fountain of Youth
  • C Power
  • Immunity Recovery
  • Party Recovery
  • Restore and Perform Iv Infusion
  • Slim Down
  • Thrive Signature Cocktail
  • Goodbye GI/PMS IV Infusion


IV Vitamins

There are several possible combinations of IV vitamins that can be infused, however best is to measure the level of vitamins in blood before the therapy so that a healthy effective dose can be ensured. Most commonly infused vitamins are Vitamin B, C, calcium and magnesium along with amino acids.

Hydration and Recovery

IV infusions are an efficient and quick way of providing your body with the necessary electrolytes, amino acids and multi-vitamins to restore hydration, which in turn improves muscle and tissue as well as general well-being.

This is especially valuable for athletes for whom drinking lots of water just isn’t enough when it comes to replenishing electrolytes and nutrients instantly or assuaging muscle soreness and stiffness after a vigorous workout. IV therapy not only offers a quick fix for instant hydration and healing, but also flushes out the free radicals that build up gradually due to intensive workout.

Hydrating properties of IV infusions are beneficial for reliving hangovers and dehydration after binge drinking specifically. Here the infusions combine vitamins, fluids, anti-nauseous medications and electrolytes that hydrate as well as detoxify the body assuaging the hangover in an hour or two instead of the usual 24hours.


Weight Loss

Thrive’s Slim Down is one of the five main types of home IV therapy which is the perfect choice if you’re looking to shed a few kilos or inches. While diet and exercise are undoubtedly essential to kick start and maintain weight loss, it remains an incontrovertible fact that lifestyle changes coupled with IV infusions can work wonders.

The IV infusions for weight loss make use of a combination of vitamins, fluids and fat-burning compounds that increase the fat metabolism and help your body fight the adrenal fatigue which in turn facilitates weight loss. It can be taken in the form of a booster shot, a home-based program or an IV. With changes in diet and an active lifestyle, you are bound to experience the benefits it promises;

  • Fat burning
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Improved performance
  • Energy restoration


At Thrive’s wellness, we provide IV therapies that aim at improving physical and mental well-being apart from addressing several health issues. Our patients are always well-informed of all benefits and any potential side effects of the infusions. If you would like to learn more or inquire about the different types of IV fluids or infusions we offer, you can contact us at…



The benefits of high dose IV vitamin C

Looking for high dose vitamin C in Brentwood, TN? Vitamin C, also referred to as L- ascorbic acid, provides your body with a variety of benefits, such as the growth, development, and repair of your body tissues. Vitamin C also helps with many of your body’s functions, the formation of collagen, and the maintenance of your bones, cartilage, and teeth. Here are the many benefits of high dose IV Vitamin C infusions.

What Are the Benefits of High Dose IV Vitamin C Therapy?

Collagen Production

The production of collagen strengthens your bones and improves the structure of your skin. Collagen production helps improve your skin’s health and helps relieve joint pain. Collagen is a crucial element for your skin. This vital component helps with skin elasticity and hydration. Collagen production also helps prevent bone loss and boosts muscle mass. In addition to these valuable assets, collagen also promotes heart health by reducing your risk of heart-related conditions and helps with:

• Weight loss
• Healthy gut
• Hair and nail growth
• Brain health

Achieve Higher Vitamin C Levels

Obtaining Vitamin C intravenously, using an IV, helps you achieve higher levels of Vitamin C. Receiving Vitamin C intravenously allows this vitamin to travel throughout your bloodstream, which enables you to reap the benefits this vitamin provides sooner than if you consumed it orally.

Stunt Cancer Growth

Multiple laboratory studies reveal high doses of Vitamin C can stunt the growth of cancer cells, especially:

• Liver
• Prostate
• Colon
• Pancreatic

Prevent Tumor Growth

Different animal studies show increased levels of Vitamin C can help with the prevention of tumor growth. Certain cancers have proven to benefit from Vitamin C, such as:

• Prostate
• Liver
• Pancreatic
• Ovarian
Other tumors that benefit from ascorbic acid are malignant tumors and tumors and tumors caused by mesothelioma.

Improvement with Cancer

Cancer patients can benefit from high levels of ascorbic acid. Studies reveal high Vitamin C levels improve the quality of life of a person who has cancer. Other instances that show signs of improvement are emotional, physical, and mental functions. A variety of symptoms associated with cancer can be prevented or reduced, including nausea, fatigue, and appetite loss.

Immune Support

Intravenous Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system by helping it fight harmful bacteria, toxins, viruses, and cancer cells. Various studies show that IV Vitamin C therapy assists with the production and function of white blood cells. These blood cells are essential for immune function and support.

Energy Production

If you feel sluggish, drained, and out of energy, IV Vitamin C therapy can help replenish your energy levels. Ascorbic acid helps breakdown fat and convert it into energy. A scientific study was performed in 2011, and it revealed IV Vitamin C therapy treatments reduced fatigue in office workers in as little as two hours, and their energy lasted up to 24 hours.

Intravenous vs. Oral Vitamin C Consumption

Your body is in complete control of many things, including your Vitamin C levels and anything else you consume. Your bowels and kidneys control everything you consume. Anything you put into your body is expelled quickly, which makes consuming Vitamin C by mouth less effective than the intravenous method.

Vitamin C is present in many of the foods you eat, including kale, grapefruit, oranges, peppers, and other foods, but it’s not enough to sustain the benefits Vitamin C offers. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about our high dose vitamin C therapy in Brentwood, TN, we invite you to give us a call today for a consultation.

IV Vitamin Treatment Brentwood, TN

6 Benefits of IV Vitamin Hydration

Looking for IV Vitamins in Brentwood, TN? Hydration is crucial for our everyday life, especially when we need to live a healthier lifestyle. To remain hydrated, you need to drink a lot of water and fluids. Another way to stay hydrated is through getting an IV vitamin infusion. IV vitamin therapy administers vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Below we will count the 6 ways IV vitamins may be beneficial for you.